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More than 7 million Ukrainians displaced.

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Save Lives This Winter

Support Operation Wood Burning Stove Today!

7.8 million Ukrainians fled and sought asylum in other countries throughout Europe. There are 5 people still in the Ukraine for every 1 refugee relocated in Europe. That is 36.1 million people. Many of those people are facing the reality of a cold winter and insufficient shelter. You can live without electricity and running water, but no one is living through a Ukrainian winter without heat. We launched a wood burning stove initiative in the late summer to fabricate and deliver wood burning stoves to the most vulnerable populations of elderly and isolated people that remain in recently de-occupied areas along the front lines of the war. These stoves can heat a basement bomb shelter and double as a cooking surface.

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Support & Supply Food

People of Ukraine face life or death.

The war in Ukraine has caused more than 7 million Ukrainians to be internally displaced, with another 5 million displaced outside of Ukraine. This has led to unprecedented food shortages and a global food crisis – millions of people in Ukraine face acute food insecurity & malnutrition.

How you can help:

Nonperishable food items and drop at local receiving locations to fill 20’ shipping containers; Restore UA will ship & distribute inside Ukraine.

Individuals, families, friend groups, local businesses, churches, and community organizations to work together to purchase and donate food; Restore UA will help you get your food to us, we provide containers & shipping logistics.

We are looking for more Food Drop-off Locations and volunteers to gather and box food to be loaded into containers. Restore UA will help you get your food to us & ship and distribute to Ukraine.

Donate Dropoff Locations

What kinds of supplies are most needed?

From preserved meals to peanut butter, formula, medicine – nearly anything and every single thing will make a difference.

List of Needs

Organize & join together!

Restore UA welcomes and encourages caring individuals, friend groups, churches, organizations, and community members to collectively fill shipping containers full of nonperishable food & supplies to send to Ukraine. Restore UA will support your efforts to help Ukraine – we provide containers & shipping logistics.

Have a container delivered to your church/ business/ school/ organization – allow the community to fill it up.

Gather friends, family, community groups, and youth groups to donate food, fill boxes, and take to a container already in your area.

Pack, receive, and answer questions for the container in your community.



Partner & Join Us

Where there’s a will to help – we have a way.

We’ll help you get supplies directly to us – we’ll ship and distribute them directly to Ukraine. From medical supplies to minesweepers, fire retardant equipment to food, if you have access to supplies but don’t know how to get them to Ukraine, please contact us today.

Our partners include:

Friends and family

Individuals and human beings who care


Including Amazon Smile, Calvary Chapel San Diego, Chaplains of Ukraine, Feed the Hungry, Global Empowerment Mission, Grace Central Coast, Samaritan’s Purse, The Public Safety Warehouse